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Dan Whitmore
Senior Consultant
Project Management - Perm


How did you get into recruitment?

Careful and meticulous planning. I am kidding, of course. Like most I fell into it; I was in the last week of my year working in a student union when I realised that I should sort out a job in the real world. I went to a grad recruitment fair where one guy who told me that if I wanted a really hard but rewarding job, I should do recruitment. Naturally, I was sold. Another grad fair later, I’d picked up some interviews with recruitment agencies by doing stacks of research. The rest is history.

Which area do you currently work in? How long have you been working in the industry now?

Design agencies are my bag - be that digital design or your classic brand strategy. I prefer the user-centric approach and the thoughtfulness of the design world in contrast to advertising (though I know some people love that space!). After three years of working with this kind of agency, I now look after account and project management roles along with studio/resource/traffic management positions.

How would you describe the Major Players office/team culture?

Loud, busy and friendly. Even though we’re a tad bigger now than when I joined, everybody knows everybody by name, and there’s always someone on hand if you need help with something. I count myself as very lucky to work in such a positive office environment with a great manager.

Do you think there are certain characteristics or personality traits that make a good recruiter?

Patience is key, as is the ability to listen. And I mean listen properly – none of this “just waiting for the other person to finish speaking” nonsense. If you take the time to actually understand what somebody is looking for in their career (rather than just the next job), and really understand somebody’s business, then you are going to deliver good results for everybody involved. You also need a smattering of resilience as a lot of people are going to tell you no.

What key pieces of advice are you giving to your clients and candidates during this time of change in light of Coronavirus?

Don’t stop. It’s easy to put everything on hold and wait until this all blows over to start up a hiring process. However, the reality is, is that it will only land you in a competitive and disappointing position where you are hiring when everybody else is. Brief your recruiter now, get them looking at options in the coming quiet months, and get a solid pipeline of qualified candidates lined up who you can meet once self-isolation is over. We’ve all read about “flattening the curve” – when you are hiring you need to get ahead of it.

How have you found WFH during the Covid-19 lockdown? Can you tell us some good things/small wins that have come from WFH?

I miss having people around me on a day-to-day basis but there are certainly silver linings to be found. I get to pick my own office music now, instead of having Beyoncé on repeat all day every day. Plus, the time saved from not commuting is brilliant – so much time for activities!

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